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Oops I dropped the bulb

Launching Breaking bulbs – 3D printed lighting project

Press release – Sweden, March 18, 2014
Breaking bulbs – 3D printed lighting project

Swedish Gässling launches Breaking Bulbs, a range of 3D printed lamps capturing that split second in time when an object destroy on impact. The over-sized bulb-shaped lamps appear to shatter as they destroy when being dropped, smashed, and even shot.

Oops I dropped the bulb

Breaking Bulbs are designed by Joakim Christoffersson, owner of Gässling.

– I wanted to challenge myself and create object which would not be possible to produce using traditional manufacturing methods. The goal with the Breaking Bulbs project was to explore the 3d printing and find out how far I could push the technology. It’s a project which lives somewhere in between art and design, says Joakim Christoffersson, owner of Gässling.

Bullet meet bulb

There are three variations available;
Oops I dropped the bulb is a table- or floor lamp.
Wrecking bulb is a wall lamp.
Bullet meet bulb is a pendant lamp.

Breaking bulbs are printed in a durable white nylon material. A very lightweight yet durable material well suited for many purposes. The shade is available in different colors on request.

Wrecking bulb

The lamps are powered by a 6W warm LED and are delivered with a 12V 110V/220V transformer.

3D printing
The new technology of 3D printing is right now experiencing a rapid boom. Designs which previously was impossible to make are suddenly within reach to anyone capable of handling a CAD software. Very exciting is also the development of new materials. Today it’s possible to 3D print titanium, stainless steel, ceramic and a lot more.

Breaking Bulbs are available for order as of now.

High resolution photos which can be used freely online can be downloaded here (31Mb).