The company
Gässling is a Swedish company founded in early 2011 owned and run by me, Joakim Christoffersson. Gässling might be a tiny company but it comes with ambitons to create awesome products, no matter what they might be.

Joakim Christoffersson is also the author of the workout book Nano Workouts, and run the blog Nano Workout.

Gässling’s first products was a range of awesome eco friendly underwear. The overcrowded underwear market had been stuck targeting teenagers for way too long, which triggered the urge to create underwear of excellent quality, not compromising on comfort and fit, but still raising the bar when it comes to design and sustainability.

In March 2014 Gässling lanuched its second product range – Breaking bulbs – an innovate range of 3D printed lamps which looks like they shatter before your very eyes. Really cool stuff!

Come on and make a decision already!
Yes, I know lamps and underwear have absolutely nothing in common, but that’s the awesome thing about being a small company controlled 100% by ME – I can do whatever I want! But you can be sure about one thing. No matter what you find at Gässling it will be really well thought through and better than whatever else is out there.